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Aging Gracefully

Did you ever ask yourself why after pregnancy your belly is no longer the flat sculpted one you had before your adorable babies? Well, the answer is simple! Those charming babies that we love to death and would do anything to make them happy, overall are not so kind to our bodies.

As the baby grows in our belly, more and more space is required and here we are, the abdominal muscles separate, the stretch marks show up and our bladder falls. After pregnancy we cannot even sneeze without losing pee and if we breast fed our babies… our fabulous pre pregnancy breasts are not so beautiful anymore.

Very few women are lucky enough to be immune to this post pregnancy transformation!

The question is:” how do they do it?” Well, the logical answer is with a lot of help from personal trainers, cosmetic surgeons, a lot of body care and exercise… translated- A LOT OF MONEY!

Unfortunately, for us, normal women, with limited disposable income and a busy schedule that has to be divided between our work, our children and our significant others, the only option is to choose a few most effective methods.

A little disclosure: I am a cosmetic surgeon, therefore my choice is obviously predictable.

I have 2 children, both boys and I have to say the first one was a little kinder to my body than my second one. My second one left me with all of the above plus an umbilical hernia.

No more children for me, I am officially closed for business in that department, therefore I decided to undergo a little restauration.

Liposuction was my first choice to remove those little residual fat pocket that I could not get rid of post pregnancy. It was a quick recovery, within 1 day I was back to work. I had a breast lift a few years later, but I decided to do it without implants. Overall, I did not really enjoy those gigantic breasts that I had during pregnancy. The recovery was very easy, little to no pain and again back to work within 3 days. The last step of my mommy makeover is to work on my belly and that ugly umbilical hernia, but I could not find the time yet… SOON!!!

Many other procedures surgical and non-surgical are available to reverse the clock. Among others, I recommend exploring DIVA for vaginal rejuvenation. It is a fantastic treatment, non-surgical and effective 100%.

One more recommendation: everything you do, do it for yourself, for your happiness and wellbeing.

Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini, MD

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