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Classe di Difesa Personale (UPDATE)

Buone Notizie! Il numero minimo per la classe di difesa personale e' stato raggiunto!

Ecco le informazioni direttamente da Thom:

Date:  Saturday Sept 28th

Time:  2-4pm

Place:  We will meet at Riverside Park and 95th street entrance. (Rain Date Sunday September 29th 11 am to 1 pm, same meeting place)

Seminar will cover awareness, from environmental to situational, evasion techniques that will teach you how to avoid the conflict that you have become aware of, basic escape from someone grabbing your wrist/arm, and simple striking techniques that will create trauma so that you can escape.

We can offer follow up classes like I offer everyone else that takes my basic seminar that are more focused.  We offer an awareness class that deep dives into our natural abilities to sense and feel energy, and we offer a striking class that adds a couple extra open hand strikes and kicks and creates combinations based on traditional fighting techniques.  These also for your group will be $25 per class.

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